Communication and synthesis

Human and Loon kissing

Writing in the morning agrees with me.

It can be an epic experience in one-sided communication. And then what do I do with it? Sometimes, I send letters to my family. The most recent are a series of Sister letters to my dear sisters and my parents. They complain about my handwriting–especially when the letter is five pages long, and so I've taken to emailing it. Or, printing it out on the computer. I heard my Dad breathe a sigh of relief, when I sent my first computer-printed letter. It was a BIG sigh (he lives 180 miles south of me). I had no idea my handwriting had gotten so bad…

It is true though. My handwriting has fallen on the wayside. I used to faithfully write to "My dear-self" in a journal–a method of saying everything I needed to say to everyone or no one in particular. Just stuff that needed to be spoken or written. A good clean out of my head at the beginning of the day, in order to begin the day. Occaisionaly I still use my journal—but my mode of writing has changed, is changing.

In January,while I was in California at a second round of Earth Activist Training (, my room-mate, Hughthir had DSL installed. This is a BIG deal. the first part of the BIG deal is that we live off the grid, on wind and solar power. Having high speed internet in the roly-poly, North West Michigan sand-dunes is a pretty new concept.

The second part of the BIG deal is that one year ago, Hughthir was disgusted with all the computer geeks who send emails instead of real, handwritten letters. He muttered and grumbled when his mom and I set down at the computer to send out an email. Then he got involved with a local radio show (, writing and producing radio stories. And, now he's about to take a computer class, so that he can better understand how to operate Adobe audition.

So, while I reflect on the amazing needs and techno changes in communication–I remember Mrs. Hodges, my business and typing teacher at Laingsburg High School, who would be proud that I've finally mastered the keyboard.

The need to sort and clear out words that are tumbling around spills over into my daily work teaching, drawing pictures, making art, gardening, my on-going studies with permaculture, feeding the chickens, making cappucino's at Gemmas' in Empire, etc.

I've always believed that I draw better pictures than write words–but a few years ago, I faced my fear of words and those who have the title as designated "writers" and decided since there seemed to be millions of words all around that I ought to be able to harness a few and write out my bumbling thoughts. I had a good talk with myself. It's a free world. I profess to be a free thinking revolutionary type, so why not? Yes, it was a liberating moment.

I went on a poetry-like writing binge. It seemed a good place to begin. Just grabbing twenty-five or fifty words at a time to get out my inner yearning and word/thought yoga out into the big, wide world. I even put up an art exhibit at my favorite diner the Golden Harvest, called Small Paintings of Big Places with a gathering of wordage posted near each little painting.

Now I'm in Northern Michigan, dreaming-up, organizing and "directing" a non-profit which I named Little Artshram and find myself in need of a mode of communicating and thought sharing.

I've been told that I need an editor. That I'm a little bit, too twisty-turny. That in order to communicate effectively with others, I need to understand how they communicate and speak in their language. Now that seems like an epic journey.

A kind person emailed me last week to inform me of the possibility of having a web-log for Little Artshram. Another realization is that I don't use proper email ettiquette. Darn my rule-breaking ignorance. Too many colors or different fonts…not good. What's a picture-drawing—word mongering yakkity type like me to do?

Blog it.

I'll do it! If anyone wants to read it they will. Perfect!

Well, here goes.

My words about an art-filled return to a healthier, earth-peace-loving existence.

Communicating. Letter-synthesis.



  1. Zach said


    It makes me happy to read this. I have also been feeling that I need to get back into expressing myself with written/typed words. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep blogging… I will read it!



  2. artshram said

    You make me happy too Zach–this is a new world and such a wierd word–blog–love and eat fresh,green food, Mommasita

  3. Joanne Sanborn said

    Lucious….just lucious. You are quite a woman, but I tell you that often – do you hear it? Clearly?

    That picture of you with the ‘loon’ is wonderful – what great bone structure they would say in Hollywood!

    Your courage is obvious and honored by this reader.

    I agree that many words/thoughts/phrases float around inside that just need to ‘bust out’….I’m pleased you are on that path.

    Your life is so full and holds such great variety – don’t forget to take time for Penny, eh?

    Love and Blessings,

    Your friend – Joanne (please,no need to reply = places guilt on the responder….don’t want to think you have to answer my response …. just create – that will be enough….I’m inspired by you girlfriend.)

    P.S. Lets hear it for Mrs. Hodges….and all those teachers who tried their best to guide us.

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