Community Gardens in TC

Here's a shared announcement about a chance to join a beautiful project….COMMUNITY GARDENING in Traverse City….along with contact information for, Linda Carps, who is the Rolling Centuries Farm Community Gardening coordinator…there is plenty of information for any of you to consider joining us in ourthree months–more or less– of green, growing, summer fun.

Little Artshram has 7 of the Community Garden plots reserved for our Summer Art-Farm Camps. DeDe and I were at the garden site yesterday, checking this glorious green space—right in the middle of Traverse City and beginning to make plans for our gardening adventures with kids and their families….We are looking very forward to our earth work and food growing.  This Saturday, we meet Tiller Tom at our garden sites to begin the turning over soil prep.

…I don't know HOW you can resist getting in on this fun! If you don't want to tend a plot yourself—join our Art-Farm Camp crew. (more info. below–posted May 22)

If you don't know much about gardening and would like to—join our Art-Farm Camp crew. We are always looking for volunteers and extra pairs of hands. We'd love your company and will surely have lot's of veggies, herbs and flowers to share—providing we get that deer fence up!

Community Garden Plots Available! Located at the proposed Rolling Centuries Farm, on the grounds of the Grand Traverse Commons and adjacent to the historical Cathedral Barns, the garden area has a rich history of farming and food production.

If you want some space to grow vegetables – while helping support this wonderful site’s preservation – consider joining us at the Community Garden. For $25, you can work the soil and plant your seeds in a garden plot that measures approximately 24’ x 30’, although there are a few plots that vary in length and / or width.

The Garden is sponsored by the proposed Rolling Centuries Farm whose mission is to become a reality: where the buildings and land of the former Traverse City State Hospital again become a vibrant working farm for the cultural and educational enrichment of our community.

For information about leasing a garden plot, please contact Emmy Lou at or Linda at 946-8726.

We thank the Citizens of Traverse City and the Charter Township of Garfield for creating the Recreational Authority that purchased the barns, outbuildings and surrounding land in preservation for the community. Rolling Centuries Farm is a fund of the Grand Traverse Community Foundation.


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