Feeling the summer growing speed picking up and the to-do list doing the same. Seedlings are begging for transplant, so I do the early morning garden work and quick run the transplants–basel, snap dragons, lobella, more snap dragons, morning glory starts up to Char's greenhouse. Char is my generous neighbor who is sharing her greenhouse space so that we can get a bunch of seedlings going for the Art-Farm Camps and have them ready to produce a bounty for our fall harvest. She has the works—-tables, extra flats, a watering system which taps into our fish fertilizer. WOW–what a good deal.

Picking up my dear daughter Allison today who will be employed by Little Artshram for a week or so, helping take care of the business tasks that my grubby, garden hands can't manage. Thank my lucky stars that I have a daughter who has always liked to do the administrative and office work—-and is good at it! She's folded lot's of Little Artshram newsletters and helped my dinosaur brain more than once with the computer.

Here's a lovely quote by a person I admire. His name is Kiko Denzer and he knows how to play in the mud. He's published several books about natural building and has worked with many folks building amazing works of functional art out of cob…

These words come from the front page of his book called Build your own Earth Oven:

Talking is teaching.

Listening is learning.

Education is sharing.

Experience is a seed,

and even the bitterest seed will grow.

Culture is the fruit of common experience–

a common responsibility, and

our common wealth.

If work is love made visible,

then love is everywhere you look.


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