Tuesday Art-Farm



Tuesday was food and earth day! What we eat, how we eat, the creative art of growing our food, preparing and cooking our meals, how much we LOVE our food, and what we had for supper were some of the opening discussions in the morning circle.

We also considered the permaculture ethics–care for the people, care for the earth and giving something back. When we grow plants and take our food from the garden how do we give something back to the earth to keep the soil healthy? How do we know if the soil we garden in is healthy? We can look at what’s growing. Mr. Quack Grass is doing a fine job–especially after the mighty, rain storm. But what about the soil itself? What’s happening underneath that top layer where the plants are popping out?

Fortunately, to help answer these questions, we had some special, underground visitors. There in the center of our circle sit a green box on a tray, with a black lid on the top. What’s in there the kids asked.

And, so we lifted the lid off…and inside, underneath a half of cantelope, decaying celery and other partially consumed veggies was a beautiful pile of dark, dark brand new soil. And wriggling and wiggling around and throughout were hundreds of pinkish-reddish earthworms.

I stuck my hands into the garbage-gooey, wormy pile and turned it over. There were lots of oohs and yucks, then I pulled my hand out and held it close to my face, under my nose and took a good, deep inhale. Mmmmmm, I said smells like good fresh dirt! Who’s brave enough to take a sniff?

A few resisters stepped back, but many sniffed and then carefully dipped their hands into the compost to scoop up new dirt and worms. Shelby picked apart a clump of fresh dirt and found all different sizes of teeny-tiny worms. One was a quarter inch long.

We agreed that our appreciation for worms and understanding for soil life was growing, and would feed our worms well the rest of the week. Yip-hip-hooray for Earthworms….our wiggly, little teachers down below.

Okay–here’s an interactive part of this web-log journal—can you apply any of our permaculture principals to our worm experience besides the one below?
~Garbage is golden, It transforms into treasure.


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