What happened to Wednesday?

Jonathan building his red-bird puppetWasn’t it water day? Can’t we share what happened on water day?

Okay, I have a song…..about the water cycle….each verse is sung over the next….maybe Dede will help me if I’ve remembered this incorrectly….it’s best experienced in a large group (12 or more voices) And, it works real well if you’re standing in a circle, with all the voices singing on top of each other. Once you get into your part,without being distracted by the others, begin walking around, singing to each other.

It feels like water might feel when it’s doing it’s flowing work—and it sounds beautiful!

(sung in baritone)

The wheels in the water go round and round and the wheels in the water go round….

(sung in a lovely high voice, soprano if attainable)

See the vapors rise, see them cloud the skies….

(sung in another lovely high voice)

Trickle, trickle down….down to the ocean, trickle, trickle down…

(sung in the middle place, alto)

Rain falls down, CRASH (clap hands together loudly)–thunder and lightening sounds!

(another middle place voice)

Springs bubble, bubble up, POP (pop the inside of your mouth with your thumb)!

Water. I do love it. Water meanders, waves, ripples. It creates movement, circulation, transportaion. We see patterns of flow in streams, rivers, glaciers, sand dunes, moray eels and snakes. The wave is a basic physical pattern. It provides pulsation, timing and the possiblity of measurement over time into a system. Your heartbeat is a wave pattern. Flowing water carves the edge of land it passes through. Water is strong and powerful. After a while, I feel in tune, when I sit near the edge of Lake Michigan, listening to the water come to shore, over and over and over again.

~Edges are bridges to finding connections.



  1. christi said

    I remember this song!
    Although I remember it a little different,
    but who knows, your way is probally right.

    Anyways i remember it as :

    “The wheel of the water go round and round, oh the wheel of the water go round. The wheel of the water go round and round oh the wheel of the water go round.”

    (then they keep sing and then the soprano girls enter)

    “Water go down down trickle trickle down,
    Down to the ocean, trickle trickle down.
    Water go down down trickle trickle down,
    to the ocean trickle trickle down.”

    (They keep singing, next group of supranoes enter)

    “See the vapors rise,
    Up above the skies.
    See the vapors rise,
    up above the skies.”

    (They keep singing, and next group enters)

    “Springs, bubble bubble up!
    Springs, bubble bubble up!”

    (Then gradually each group fades out, starting with the springs bubble group, then the vapors rise group, then the trickle group, and lastley you hear the barritones singing about the wheel of the water. There is also one or two more verses that i can’t remember. Oh, and there are certain claps and snaps and such that are suppose to be done to make it sound more like a thunderstorm.

  2. artshram said

    Thanks Christi—Dede and I have worked with several large groups this year trying out different ways of presenting/singing/layering this song…we’ll try your idea also…

  3. Jackie said

    Thanks for your great post i am doing a study on thios and you really helped me out here




  4. artshram said

    Jackie—my friend and teaching partner Dede is also writing a version of this song with a Global Warming teaching angle….I’ll see if she will post it on our web log

  5. Test said



  6. Pranee said

    omg I remember that song when I was, in second grade!~
    I was singing it in the shower today and I thought I’d look up the lyrics.
    Bring back memories haha =]

  7. Morgan said

    This song was the favorite car sing-a-long song for my family when I was growing up. My dad would always start with the “wheel in the water” bit and we’d all jump in. It was so much fun!

    If you’re looking for the source, it’s from the Tom Chapin children’s album Mother Earth, which you can find on Amazon.com. The whole album has great stuff for kids–lots of catchy learning songs.

    The original Tom Chapin version of the lyrics goes:

    (Each group joins after two rounds of the group before it until all groups are singing together. Then the groups end one at a time in reverse order, until it comes back around to just the baritone “wheel in the water” verse.)

    “Wheel in the water go round and round, wheel in the water go round…”

    “Water rain down, down, trickle trickle down, down to the ocean, trickle trickle down…”

    “See the vapors rise, see them cloud the skies…”

    “Clouds rain down, thunder and lightning sound…”

    “Spring bubble bubble up…”

  8. artshram said

    Thanks Morgan–we’ll check out the Tom Chapin album!

  9. ME said

    i need to know the title of this song and who sings it please…pronto!

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