In the New-World Order–what is Community Gardening?

Even though we have five LONG months of winter coming upon us…. after adding another layer of leaf and chicken manure compost to our garden plots on Tuesday, I received two seed catalogs yesterday, and now my mind is back down below in the earth…..with more wondering…..

What was Community Gardening in the Old-World Order? What is the story of Community Gardening? What cultures have used shared land exclusively to grow their food? AND, where do squash bugs come from? These are the beginning questions that we’d like to discuss with anyone who has been involved with a Community Garden.

As we go into our winter hibernation mode and begin to make plans with the City Traverse City and Garfield Twp. Rec. Authority about the shared green-space at Rolling Centuries Farms, being designated as a Community Garden, it’s also a great time for storytelling and puppet shows. Sunflowers in a snow storm…..

So, yes there is an art-making angle to these inquiries, we would like to market this Community Garden space with a few Puppet-Teach-ins….so what you share, we ask permission to possibly use…..



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