Earth Day Ceremony brainstorm, part One

A letter to the Design Team Art Teachers…..


Time for me to begin the Eday Ceremony story brainstorm…I’m pullling together all our characters and potential storylines in each section to create the WAH-LAH after parade story performance.

My job is to get it into script form, DeDe’s job is to blend in some musical interludes. We like to think of this as our version of a parkside operetta. There will likely be some radical and entertaining songs….and definately some perilous foolishness that helps tell the story of the Tipping Point….likely the problem is presented to a group of unmasked people and there is some sort of incredible solution, or hell and damnation, or both offered…

One thing that I request is that you each email me in as much detail as possible what aspect of global warming your are dealing with in your sections. Please elaborate…..

If you have other ideas, comments, suggestions, now is the time. DeDe and I plan to have a near finished script and music outline for our meeting next Friday—at 11 at the ArtCenter. If you want to contribute, shoot something back at us via this email route during the week.

We plan to present the script to the kids and take a poll on who will be present on Earth Day, and is willing to be a part of the Ceremony Troupe… our next meeting. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Okey, dokey, thank a bunch!

xo, ~Penny

The Tipping, tipping tipping point….

A big egg that’s gonna crack or get FRIED—being ridden, pulled, rolled by these crazy wacky elemental bird-brains…..WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? How did our precious balance end up in their hands…what has happened? Can they bring the will of the people, the makers of this globally warmed world, into a place of reckoning and retribution–a place of stopping their production and consumption and reversing this horrible environmental crime?

In the air the cloud and wind people bounce and bobble and dance around….seeds are being scattered, birds are dashing back and forth, a big wind turbine spins in the sky….people are getting boinked with seed balls….

In the fire section, mad, demon cows and pigs dash back and forth with methane fire-crackers, the Giant Phoenix has risen and she cradles the earth in her fiery embrace, the monster cow fuels the phoenix with her factory farmed methane combustion… is very, very, hot….the radical Fire element screeches through turning the heat in the ovens up, up, up….

In the water section, great lake jelly fish woop and loop and wiggle around, turtles wander aimlessly with their pouchs filled with eggs—they are losing their nesting grounds and have no place to deposit their precious egg-babies—-they offer them to the people—-just as a Giant Tidal wave rolls in….

In the earth section, the mushrooms spin around like crazy tops and flowers dance in the fields, a gigantic porcupine waddles in, a teepee is filled with corn—what about all those 4-wheelers that are laying tracks all over the woods and wild places?


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