The story unfolds….

Notes from our Friday Earth Day brainstorming with 30, 5th and 6th graders…. What is an Earth Day Parade Puppet and Mask performance ?

A story of a different sort, unlike a more traditional theater production, puppet theater is:

  • masked and costumed characters and BIG puppets
  • LARGE movements….exaggerated and slow
  • music illustrates action
  • the performance is presented in a storytelling method
  • a narrator will speak to the audience, reaffirming the action as characters enter and play it out….
  • we will be in an outdoor theater—big sky above, tall trees and a lovely river

Our characters in each section:

Air: Focusing on: How air is polluted and is an energy resource via WInd Generators

  • Wind People cause a mighty breeze
  • Big Eagle Puppet
  • Big Cloud Puppet

Fire: Focusing on: Factory Farming and methane pollution. Big is not better, go small.

  • Phoenix/Methane Cow Earth Float
  • Sun Puppet
  • Pig and Cow Demons
  • Radical Flaming Cow Demon
  • Methane Firecrackers

Water: Focusing on: Loss of habitat and rising water levels and temp. Convserve, reserve,

  • Little turtles
  • Freshwater Jelly Fish
  • Otter
  • Wave maker float
  • Big whale?
  • Radical Whirl Pooler

Earth: Focusing on:

  • Mushrooms
  • Flower Backpacks
  • Teepee float filled with corn
  • Corn people
  • Porcupine
  • Grandmother turtle

Center: Focusing on ambivilence, complacency, knowing we are a cause and could do something but don’t. Message: “We can’t un-fry an egg.”

  • Radical Elemental Mutant Chickens
  • Giant Fried Egg

Storyline Brainstorm:

1. Introduction: By Narrator: “WE WELCOME YOU TO OUR….Annual Earth Day Parade and Festival!…..

2. Scene/place ideas: Factory Farm, valley, forest, little barn with a few cows and pigs with a nearby Factory Farm, River, underwater, lake/field/barnyard.

3. Character ideas, the starring roles: Radical Chickens are tyrantical global warmers, Turtles, big and small, Big eagle, Sun puppet, innocent cows and pigs—and then the demons come out, jelly fish.

4. Situation ideas, the first part of the story:

  • a lake is starting to over flow and flood
  • once upon a time there was a beautiful farm and then the radical chickens came and made it into a factory.
  • the origin of radical chickens is radiation….a radiation explosion.
  • chickens are good, everyone else is bad.
  • eagle watches over an gives wisdom to the chickens
  • pigs fart, methane fills the sky, then the embarrassed piggies take to the sky and fly to capture the gas.
  • the pigs and cows go poo and the phoenix cleans it up….the methane firecrackers are the fuel that is given to the phoenix, via the BIG COW mouth….

5. The problem: So, What’s the big deal?

  • Animal poo stinks
  • global warming effects the earth
  • animals are being forced to promote global warming
  • Hello! we could all die……
  • The world could flood
  • All the animals are dying
  • The animals are warning us, teaching us.
  • Death!
  • No more chocolate, no more anything.
  • Flying Pigs are the solution.
  • ALways using factories and machines…..use your hands!
  • Too much pollution
  • Airplanes fart too.
  • No trees will be left for anything/use.
  • People need to wake up and think, and do something.
  • The practice has been to NOT close our waste loop…..turn it around, garbage is good.

6. Solution….will be shared with a musical teach-in…..tba by Penny and Dede, inspired by all!


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