A little glimpse of a BIG bunch of papier maiche and fun….

pig.jpgMy good friend and puppet-making pal from Lansing, Petra Daher came up to be a part of the “B-Team” and push us through the last days of parade building. Take a moment to check out her blog, complete with more photos and a nice accounting of our Earth Day blitz….

YES–the weather held at a sweaty 65-70 degrees and we were mighty grateful for the fresh, cool breeze that swept down Union Street off of Grand Traverse Bay.

Vist Petra’s blog at: http://petradaher.blogspot.com/



  1. Hey :>) I really enjoyed the parade. I’m glad you had this site so I could plan the day.
    I have some photos from the parade here http://www.flickr.com/gp/89306055@N00/VY84X2
    if you would like to take a look :>)

  2. artshram said

    THANKS for sharing!

  3. artshram said

    Another slew of photos from Earth Day:

    I have posted Earth Day Parade photos online. If you wish to view them, please click:


    Photos may freely be reproduced for personal use.

    I would ask however that you please contact me if you wish to use any photo commercially (newspaper etc). Of course Earth Day organizers are welcome to share any photo you may desire at your web site, but kindly include the following notice:

    ©2007 M’Lynn Hartwell / Utopian Empire Creativeworks

    All the best,
    M’Lynn Hartwell

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