Apprentice and Teacher Training

We are looking very forward to a great summer of offerings to the families of the Traverse City area through our unique camps for children and teens. NOW is the time that we are inviting teens through adult-age community members to consider joining our Apprentice and Teaching staff. Help us spread the word. Share this opportunity with others in our community!

It’s not too late to sign up and join in on the fun, in our Little Artshram’s Summer Art-Farm Apprentice and Teacher Training, which is scheduled to take place from June 18-23rd. Also included,by emailing, is additional information and the registration form for the Apprentice and Teacher training. (For information on our Beehive Program, scroll down below and check out the Summer Art-Farm Camp offerings.)

Let me clarify two items that may be confusing on the info/registration form:

The distinction between a Little Artshram Apprentice and a Teacher:
Apprentices: Have some, little or no experience in teaching art/gardening/permaculture, or, feel that it would benefit them to go through the entire week-long training camp. Designated originally for 13-20 year olds, but any and all ages are welcome. The Apprentice position is a first step approach to both learning about Permaculture and to becoming a Teacher, and, you can hang around in Apprentice-land as long as you feel you want and need to.

Teachers: Have taught with Little Artshram before (Earth Day or Summer Art Farm Camps), or through other similarly related art/environmental ed programs, have more than a basic knowledge of Permaculture and are able to (depending on registrations) teach in at least one of the weeks of Beehive Camps. Please, also provide a resume for the teaching positions. Thanks!

Training Fee/Donation:
In order to cover supply, material and instructor fees and stipends for the Training, we need to charge a sliding scale fee of between $75 and $100. We will accept half of the fee in Bay Bucks. This is a “training camp” and you will come away with a very good basic knowledge of Permaculture and participate in both individual and group, art/music/and gardening projects, as it relates to our Art-Farm and Community Gardening project.

We realize that you may be taking time off of your work schedule and know that funding is always of great concern, Little Artshram needs to value our services and time as well. Please do not hesitate to inquire about what is available through work-trade.

Penny Krebiehl has completed training and coursework and is a Beginning Permaculture Designer (–hence the title of this experience we are offering: “very begnning”…) Penny will be the lead instructor, with the special talent and assistance of DeDe Alderman a long-time Little Artshram instructor, Musical Mistress, and Earth Loving Human.

Additionally, we are inviting other guest instructors, with a special interest in art-making, music-making and Permaculture to be with us throughout the week. Once I hear from you and receive your completed application, I will forward a weekly grid and agenda out next week.

In the meantime, and, for your information:
Last year in our Teacher/Apprentice Training we took the Permaculture design principals, and after discusssion and consideration for our 1-6th grade developmental level of participants in the Beehive program rewrote them. Here are David Holmgren’s 12 design principles for Permaculture:

1. observe and interact
2. catch and store energy
3. obtain a yield
4. apply self-regulation and accept feedback
5. use and value renewable resources and services
6. produce no waste
7. design from patterns to details
8. integrate rather than segregate
9. use small and slow solutions
10. use and value diversity
11. use edges and value the marginal
12. creatively use and respond to change

Recommended reading to help you digest more of the Art-Farm Curriculum:
Gaia’s Garden, Toby Hemenway
Edible Forest Garden (2 volumes—massive), David Jacke
Permaculture One, David Holmgren and Bill Molson
Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual, Bill Mollison
Last Child in the Woods, Saving our Kids from Nature Deficit Disorder, Richard Louv

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