Garden Journal, Dirt up my nose

I’ve been outdoors working everyday for the past month. That’s the way I like it. Since the trees have come down in front of the big house, Mary’s perennial flower garden has expanded considerably. In addition to doing that landscaping and planting work, and their vegetable garden, I’m also deep into the coordination and planting of our Art-Farm Community Garden plots in Traverse City.

I’m becoming a garden recluse. My relationship with my vegetables is very important. Not to mention the flowers, the wild strawberries and the lovely herbs. It’s sort of crept up on me and become a priority—me and my gardening—an interaction of a different and satisfying sort. Mutual. Love. Respect. I go away and spend time at one of these places I’m tending and come back breathing better.

I take my coffee to the garden and spend my early morning intimate moments with whatever is in that space which is designated as “garden”….good dirt, birds, teeny plants just breaking above, fresh green parsley, and my daily communion of lemon sorrel and arugula.

The garden feels like my room. Like the room I belong in. No invitation or special permission needed. I just remember now, that when I was a little girl I would make myself a napping place under the rhubarb leaves in our garden. There was a whole world under there. And it was a great hiding place too. With a snack.

So at the end of a long June day, I cleaned the dirt out of my nose, had a very good supper with Sister Beth and Mother Mary, with a nice remembrance conversation about our dear old Alex, who suddenly just died today. I’m thankful to keep realizing that these special, special people, our parents and friends who pass on give us the great good gift, along with love, reflection and appreciation of suspending our daily grind, our constant do-doing action. Even during a busy, busy time in this growing season, sometimes we just gotta stop.

Now it’s time for my body to lay still and appreciate everything and everybody in these gardens of potential all around me.

Here’s a picture of our Community Garden being tilled….


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