Summer Camp info for Art-Farmers!

Greetings to our Art-Farm Families!

We are so looking forward to our Summer Art-Farm Camp week with you! This is a little explanation about what to expect from your upcoming week of camp.

Your are registered for the week of:
(email me at the address below for week confirmation.)

We meet each day from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, at our Art-Farm Workshop and the Community Gardens near the Barns on the Old State Hospital grounds, in the Building #50 neighborhood. We are beginning to call this area the “Central Park” of Traverse City, but it is a little further southwest than central!

Driving or biking directions: You will have to enter the Grand Traverse Commons grounds by way of 11th street which takes you past Stella Trattatoria. Keep to the left. Careful, the road is kind of rough because of all the construction work. Keep heading south on this road, past the TBAISED office and soccer field. You will eventually be on a dirt road and it take you right past the famous Champion Black Willow Trees. You will then see a Community Garden sign at a big curve, follow this up to the first drive to the left where you will enter a parking lot. Ta dah! There is our Art-Farm Workshop, our wonderful Maple Tree classroom and the Community Gardens. Welcome!

This year we are implementing a ZERO-Trash program at our Art-Farm Workshop, and each week will explore the possibilities with our campers about reducing the use of packaged lunch waste. ZERO-Trash means: we will have no trash-can available. We are excited about this “experiment”as it is part of our garden composting and Permaculture curriculum!

Please plan to arrive at our Art-Farm Workshop, with the following:

• Appropriate, mess-making, hot-weather clothing.
• Shoes or sandals that are comfortable to protect your feet in the gardens
and while we are hiking on the Munson Trails.
• A good sack lunch AND an afternoon snack. We will also eat from our
garden as we are able.
• Fill out the medical-emergency release form that is enclosed and bring it
with you on the first day.

We are still not able to offer before or after care, so please plan to drop your Art-Farm Campers off no earlier than 9:45 and pick-up promptly at 3:00. We of course are willing to work with your schedule, if you have a special need or emergency.

In the event of bad weather, we will have two make-up days scheduled at the end of the summer camp schedule that you can choose to attend. We’ll keep you posted and hope for wonderful rain showers overnight on our garden beds, rather than during the day on our camping heads!

See you soon,

Penny Krebiehl

Little Artshram . P.O. Box 844 . Traverse City, MI 49686 .


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