Art-Farm Journal….Catch-up…

Unbelievable…we’ve been SO busy hauling buckets of water from the creek to the garden that there has been little time to sit down and record our mighty, fine adventures…AND….as I continue to learn the ways in which to speak quick via the techno demands of the modern world… and operate a digital camera in order to share some of our garden and artistic visions….well sometimes, hauling buckets of water is more important!

So, with a quick break between our last weeks of camp, I’ll share this years’ version of our Beehive Permiculture Principles that are guiding us in our Art-Farm Camp community and included in our weekly puppet shows:

1. Soak it in and play, using all of your senses.

2. Catch and store energy.

3. What you give is what you get.

4. Check in: keep it simple and stop, look and listen.

5. Make no waste.

6. Create from shapes, to patterns, to details.

7. (Sign language) Integrate rather than seperate.

8. Small and slow is the way to go.

9. (Song) All Earth’s creatures got a place in the choir….

10. Color outside the lines, go BEYOND the edge.

11. Impermanence surrounds us.

Each week of camp, we begin by sharing the permaculture ethics of: caring for each other, caring for the earth and giving something back. It’s been a very simple and fairly easily understood way to bring ourselves together and focus. The re-written permaculture principles, originally written by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren and adapted/tweaked by many, including my teachers: Penny Livingston Stark, Starhawk and Eric Ohlsen.

Anyways, we needed to simplify the adult version of the Permaculture Principles for the 1st grade through teenage crowd that we hang out with, and so in learning and applying them, we’ve had a lot of fun playing charades and including at least three of the ideas/principles in our end-of week puppet plays.

Next in our Art-Farm Journal….Catch-up: 

Hey, Hey, Water Ways


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