AFJ Catch-up…number two:

Hey, Hey Water Ways….

It’s been dry, dry, dry this summer in our lovely region of Northwest Michigan. My mind continues to wander to the little bit I understand about climate change and global warming issues, knowing that we are REALLY feeling, experiencing some not so subtle shifts in seasonal temperatures and changes in our natural world.

Our weeks of Art-Farm Camps have been wonderful and with the exception of the Girls OUTLOUD! week (still time and space to register for this week of all-girls camp, August 13th-18th)…..all have too quickly passed.

Each day we begin in a circle under a friendly Maple tree next to our garage studio and workshop, then it’s off to the gardens for our daily chores of watering, weeding, squash-bug patroling, and some music-making in our ever-developing Sound Garden.

We have two ways in which we are gathering water at our Community Gardens, via the creek and also off the garage roof in a gutter and tank system that we put up last month. For the most part, we use watering cans and have a direct relationship with each plant in the garden.

The corn plants are beginning to dry up from the roots and bottom of the stalks and it’s just the beginning of August. Daily garden tending is of the greatest importance in our community garden, and it’s a difficult task for us with 5 plots planted as a teaching garden and classroom space.

Last week we were working in Empire at the Dunegrass Festival, and I’ll have to admit after the long dusty days of art-making and puppeting I looked very forward to hiking to nearby Lake Michigan and jumping in. I am grateful for my feet that pick my body up and carry me there—-but in the garden, the plants stand still—waiting, wilting, wishing for a gardener and a watering can—for the rainclouds that seem to have evaporated.

Our friend, Casey and his family did some daily watering last week….thanks from the plants and the other gardeners to the Voss family for your contribution and time!


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