Harvest Fest line-up….

This just in, our musical and entertainment & art-making adventure line-up with more to come…..

  • 1- 6 PM, Walking, Talking REALLY-Good Auction
  • 1-5 PM, Farmers Market
  • 1-2 PM, Our beloved, Earthworkers, Seth Bernard and Daisy May
  • 2-3 PM, Village and Art-Farm Treasure Hunt
  • 2-5 PM, Pumpkin/gourd sculptures, corn-doll making, studpendous scare-crow making, fall-flower crowns, face-painting, seed-collecting end-of-season gardening, apple/donut bobbing, and puppet shows…WOW!
  • 3-5 PM, Community Picnic and, A Chance to Dance with Mykl Werth and, Capoeira with Helio
  • 4-4:30, Claudia Schmidt
  • 5-7 PM, Harriet and the Love Fossils
  • Our lovely host for a portion of the day, will be our talented friend, Norm Wheeler


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