September news and thankfulness….

The end of September is an inspiring and beautiful time to come together and begin our pre-wintery, inside gatherings…and we have plenty of art-making, crafty and creative projects in store….


For those of you involved in the sponsoring, donation, farmers market, performing, volunteering or any aspect of the planning— and those of you who wandered down to the Harvest Festival this weekend, thank you for helping make our end of summer a mighty special and sunny Saturday! We hope to have some photos up here soon so come back and check them out.


Seed collecting and Garden Bedtime is happening NOW—-and weather permitting we will be in the garden this Saturday morning from 9 to 11 am, planting garlic, transplanting snapdragons and readying the gardens for Tillerman Tom. Stop by and visit the Community Gardens, we still have a few tomatoes ripening, kale and swiss chard and a few green beans. We plan to do some cover-cropping and amend the soil where we observed it could really use some umph-pah.

The OUTLOUD Girls group, has begun(see description below) and will meet all through the school-year on Thursday nights. It’s not too late to join. Call Penny at the Little Artshram number below, if you can’t wait until the end of October session to begin, ’cause I bet we can squeeze a few more special girls into the here and now. Pre-registration is necessary so we can accommodate the gals with proper elbow room and studio space.

We are also offering 6-week session of classes at the Artcenter of Traverse City for boys and girls of all ages, including an AFTERNOON ART program twice a week! You can register through the Artcenter, by calling: 231-941-9488.

We’ll close out this portion of our September chat with a little, girly news!
OUTLOUD Girls, greet, meet and unite on Thursday nite….

October 22 – November 30 Instructor: Penny Krebiehl and Little Artshram Teachers

Thursday 5:30-8:30 pm
Ages: 7 and up Cost: $80m/$90nm

We believe that art is a mighty power! And OUTLOUD! Is a way to engage that artistic power through a “coming-of-age” program for girls, sharing girl-centered issues and experiences through journal and book-making and creative writing, puppet and mask making, and learning drawing and painting techniques. Our first 6-week session will focus on Drawing Techniques and Beginning Watercolor. Supply list: 9 x 12 spiral bound sketch book, tracing paper, pencils (various leads: HB, 2B, 4B), kneaded eraser, Sharpee markers (fine, extra fine)

Please bring a “sack-supper” and beverage as well. We’ll make plans for a shared supper the following weeks. PLEASE NOTE: This program will be held at the Little Artshram Studio, 311 1⁄2 Maple St., Traverse City.

You can register for these classes, by calling the artcenter at: 231-941-9488


  • FRESH, local produce and goods! Visit the Farmers Market at the Village at The Grand Traverse Commons, every Tuesday and Friday, 3-7 PM.
  • Broke Spoke Bike Co-op….Broke Spoke is a bicycle repair and maintenance cooperative providing members access to the tools and know how needed to keep your two (or three) wheel transport in top form……Questions? Contact: Alita Townsend, 231-941-3895
  • Relocalizing II: A how-to, do-it–yourself, new hobbies workshop day……………. Join in our community skill swap, with workshops on keeping your bike happy, vermicomposting (composting with worms), sock knitting, recreational music making, kombucha tea, growing wheatgrass, home coffee roasting, making mozzarella, hard cider making, and kids workshops with Little Artshram! Two easy ways to register! This event is by donation; registration is required. 1) Register online (recommended) here: 2) Call (231) 480-4515
  • Great Lakes Bioneers Conference…. October 19-21 Join hundreds of others meeting at the crossroads of ecology and social justice…and eating really well! Bioneers specialize in serving local foods to the lucky, dancing with the democratic, and fair-trade libations for the masses and the conference is family friendly! See us on the web:, or call 800-220-1415.


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