Parade MeRRYMaKING and MOBiLiZING 2008….

 Peace Snake–Earth Day Parade 2004
Greetings as the snow melts,
The Earth Day Parade date has been set to occur on Saturday, April 26th….you can check updates on our website at

This is the call to our community of parade building artists and mentors who would like to join our evolving and fun-loving Earth Day Artist roster list….If you are interested please contact me asap for an Eday Artist/Mentor application and the date of our first artist and mentor training!

We are also inviting local businesses and organizations to sponsor the 2008 Earth Day parade through our North Woods Family Concerts and Storytelling Series held at Horizon Bookstore. We do need additional support to present the final three concerts, held on the third Thursday of the next three months. Please contact Penny for more information about Earth Day sponsorship opportunities at 231-510-3491.

We are beginning our programming and organizing for the parade building which is annually held in TC beginning in mid February at the ArtCenter of TC. Little A is helping to organize a satellite Earth Dy Community Art Studio in Benzie Co, at Betsie Elementary School in Thompsonville.

A Parade Design Team residency program is scheduled to begin in February in TC at the Artcenter, where a group of 30 kids and a team of Eday Artist/Mentors will outline and frame in the design of the parade sections of our storytelling parade. The parade storyboard will be completed by March 15th, when our Eday Kick-off event happens and the public workshops begin at the Community Art Studio (CAS) held at the Artcenter for a month prior to the parade on April 26th.

This years’ parade theme continues with our past year themes in regards to issues surrounding our WATER home-place near the lovely Lake of Michigan, and the reality of effects we’ve created with GLOBAL WARMING–The storytelling parade focus will be on educating about ZERO-Trash and our crazy, carbon FOOTPRINT. We expect to get creative and have some fun with our FEET!

Opening a satellite Eday CAS will require a certain amount of management and a good deal of volunteerism, and also funding to pay for artist salaries and materials and supplies that we can’t dumpster-dive or grunge for. Please join us in any way that you’re able in the creation of this annual spring event!

Please share this information with others!

Contact info:

Peace Snake-Earth Day Parade 2004


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