EARTH DAY FASHION SHOW Swanky-fundraiser: Are you a Northern MIchigan Fashion Designer Wannabee in need a Trendy Spring venue?


….Calling all interested folks to participate in this years

Grand Traverse Earth Day Parade Fundraiser….


Saturday, March 15, 2008, 6-9 PM:

We plan to have a wonderful evening of family-friendly fun at our 2008 Earth Day Fundraiser and kick-off event, to begin our annual parade building workshops at the Artcenter of TC!

Would you like to get involved with the planning and designing of this crazy-fun and worthy earth-loving community project? There are many creative ways for you to jump on this puppet fashion bandwagon, some ideas are: recycled or reused objects turned into a new look using an existing Earth Day animal/ plant hat, or ,use our 2008 Earth Day parade theme which is: Ecological Footprint and Zero-Waste…..Create hair & makeup (if any) to go with the look….Find your model(s) all body types allowed….This is not a competition, but we would like to auction off some of your puppet fashion trends after the show takes place, with plans for them “reappearing” at the Earth Day Parade (April 26th). So please consider donating your finished Puppet or Garbage Art creation.
If you are inspired to create and ready, join us for these workshops:

March 1 and 8th, 3-5 PM, Puppet Fashion and Garbage Art Workshops—Get inspired by checking out some of our puppets and masks created from past Earth Day events and go at it, designing a trendy new costume that will be brought to life in our Puppet-Run-Away, accompanied by live music.

Same day, March 1 and 8th, 4:30-5:30 PM, Fashion Show Planning meeting—To organize the various details and line-up of the fundraiser.

And, fyi—AND, despite the fact that Little Artshram does not have the budget to pay a $250.00 membership to the Fashion Trendsetter website..we were able to lift off some tips and inspiration for you to consider…
They say: “10 Trends for 2008 explores trends that we believe have real weight and momentum—shifts that are likely to be with us for a long time. What’s in store in the near future? Buy our 2008 forecast and see for yourself.

In this trendletter:

  • Rethinking Instant Gratification
  • Radical Transparency
  • Outwitting Disease
  • Blue is the New Green
  • The World is Local
  • The Personal CPM
  • Demography’s Dead
  • Queen Trumps King
  • Cooperative Consumption
  • Stretching the Bubble: Reality Checks for Two Giants
  • Whatever Happened To…?

Thanks for considering….any questions..or need more details?
Give Dede, the Milkpod Maiden a call at 231-276-2328
or Penny, the Tipping Point Pig at 231-510-3491



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Registration open for 2008 Summer Art-Farm Camps!


Little Artshram is making plans for it’s fourth summer of Beehive Art-Farm Camps under a maple tree near the old garage building at the Community Gardens and the Historic Cathedral Barns in Traverse City, Michigan.

We are making a sincere effort to re-vitalize community gardening, experiencing the joy and sensibility of learning to grow your own food, and practicing creative ways of being ecologically sensitive artists.

We will work as an artist community with a sense of place–encompassing the human history and stewardship of the gardens and Barns property, the great natural beauty of the land, on which this program is situated, and enjoy the experience of the wild places on the nearby Munson Trails. Our creative Art-Farm work and play will raise our consciousness of the interdependence
of all life, inspiring us to envision and strive for a better world.

Our Art-Farm camps celebrate creativity and encourage fun through hands-on exploration and practicing the fine-art of observation and pattern language. We focus skill-building in three main areas with a
variety of two and three dimensional art-projects throughout the week. Music-making, songwriting, spoken word and poetry are also a part of the Art-Farm Camp experience. The focus areas of our curriculum revolve around the themes of food, water, shelter and community through experieinces in Art and music; Community gardening and Permaculture for kids; and Wandering in the Woods–our Nature Awareness Program.

Each week we explore the possibilities with our campers about eliminating the use of packaging and reducing lunch waste. ZERO-Trash means: we will have no trash-can available. We are excited about this
continued “experiment”as it is part of our garden composting and Permaculture curriculum and we did a great job last year!

We meet each day from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday at our Art-Farm Workshop and the Community Gardens near the Barns on the Old State Hospital grounds, in the Building #50 neighborhood. We are beginning to call this area the “Central Park” of Traverse City, but
it is a little further southwest than central!

Art-Farm Educators:
Penny Krebiehl, Director, Dede Alderman, Sarah Willis,
and a slew of guest gardeners, farmers, artists, musicians and earth loving folks.

2008 Summer Art-Farm Camp Dates

Apprentice(13 years and older) and Teacher Training:
June 16-20th, 2008

Beehive Camps (1st-6th grade)
June 23-27
July 7-11
July 21-25
August 4-8
August 11-15

Girls OUTLOUD! Art-Farm Camp
August 18-22
NEW! Boys OUTLOUD! Art-Farm Camp
July 30-Aug 3

All Week long(5-days) Kids Camps,: $135.00
Apprentice & Teacher Training (5-days): $150.00 to 100.00, sliding scale
We accept 100% BayBucks, local currency, and work-trade/volunteers

Little Artshram
P.O. Box 844
Traverse City, MI 49685

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Parade MeRRYMaKING and MOBiLiZING 2008….

 Peace Snake–Earth Day Parade 2004
Greetings as the snow melts,
The Earth Day Parade date has been set to occur on Saturday, April 26th….you can check updates on our website at

This is the call to our community of parade building artists and mentors who would like to join our evolving and fun-loving Earth Day Artist roster list….If you are interested please contact me asap for an Eday Artist/Mentor application and the date of our first artist and mentor training!

We are also inviting local businesses and organizations to sponsor the 2008 Earth Day parade through our North Woods Family Concerts and Storytelling Series held at Horizon Bookstore. We do need additional support to present the final three concerts, held on the third Thursday of the next three months. Please contact Penny for more information about Earth Day sponsorship opportunities at 231-510-3491.

We are beginning our programming and organizing for the parade building which is annually held in TC beginning in mid February at the ArtCenter of TC. Little A is helping to organize a satellite Earth Dy Community Art Studio in Benzie Co, at Betsie Elementary School in Thompsonville.

A Parade Design Team residency program is scheduled to begin in February in TC at the Artcenter, where a group of 30 kids and a team of Eday Artist/Mentors will outline and frame in the design of the parade sections of our storytelling parade. The parade storyboard will be completed by March 15th, when our Eday Kick-off event happens and the public workshops begin at the Community Art Studio (CAS) held at the Artcenter for a month prior to the parade on April 26th.

This years’ parade theme continues with our past year themes in regards to issues surrounding our WATER home-place near the lovely Lake of Michigan, and the reality of effects we’ve created with GLOBAL WARMING–The storytelling parade focus will be on educating about ZERO-Trash and our crazy, carbon FOOTPRINT. We expect to get creative and have some fun with our FEET!

Opening a satellite Eday CAS will require a certain amount of management and a good deal of volunteerism, and also funding to pay for artist salaries and materials and supplies that we can’t dumpster-dive or grunge for. Please join us in any way that you’re able in the creation of this annual spring event!

Please share this information with others!

Contact info:

Peace Snake-Earth Day Parade 2004

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Year of Squirrel Calendar 2008 Fundraiser for our Art-Farm Camps


To purchase this calendar locally in the Traverse City area go to Oryana Natural Foods Co-op, or to Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate in Empire—-or in Lansing, Michigan it is available at the BEST diner, The Golden Harvest.

To purchase it online go to and check out our store at

A Message from Penny the Squirl Girl, artist: 

In creating this hand-made calendar, I take a few liberties with the traditional Chinese New Year method of designating the year to a specific creature. Since I live and work in Northern Michigan the creature must be of a mid-western, regional variety. This is actually the Year of the Rat, but the closest I could get to rat, in the sense that I need to actually observe what I’m drawing, was a squirrel.

I also met some folks who informed me that in Chinese, the word squirrel means “Pine-rat”. And, so, my good dog, Marley and I have been researching squirrels, hiking through woods, spending lots of time at Central Grade School (Which we’ve renamed “Squirrel Field”) and, at last we are ready to unveil the fifth annual Year of…Calendar. In previous years, I’ve also illustrated Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig.

This is a unique calendar that runs from February 2008 to February 2009. Why? Most calendars stick with the traditional, Jan-Dec idea of a year, so we decided to be creative and connect with the month of the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated in February, and, also decided that 13 months are better than 12.

The Year of Squirrel calendar, is 11 X 17″ in size and is actually printed on bright white paper; contains 13 original, Chinese-brush ink drawings of our dashing, skittish friend, Squirrel; a few Squirrel inspired predictions to guide us in the upcoming year along with a few Squirrel and Rat facts; an original, Northern Michigan New Year Story; with Squirrel Nut New Moon and Full Moon notations.

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Winter Art Classes AND another great Concert & Storytelling event!

We are continuing with a series of winter classes, held at both the ArtCenter of Traverse City on the corner of 11th and Elmwood and at the Little Artshram Studio. 311 1/2 Maple, both in Traverse City.If you are a member of the ArtCenter you will receive a class discount and, you can easily register for any of these classes by calling the ArtCenter at 231-941-9488:
Afternoon Art
Twice weekly, through March 15, 2008
Instructor: Penny Krebiehl and Little Artshram TeachersMonday and Wednesday, 3:30-5:30, for Ages: 6 and up Cost: $120 m/ $130 nm min 10/max 15
Afternoon Art program is designed to engage and inspire children through two and three dimensional visual art. This six week program will present a different theme and media each week, with emphasis on drawing, cartooning, illustration and watercolor. Supply list: 9 x 12 spiral bound sketch book, tracing paper, pencils (various leads: HB, 2B, 4B), kneaded eraser, Sharpee markers (fine, extra fine)


Drawing and Cartooning for Kids
Instructor: Penny Krebiehl and Little Artshram Teachers

Saturday 10-12pm, Beginning Jan 17th through March 15th (then the Earth Day Parade building begins!)

Ages: 10 and up Cost: $80 m/$90 nm

From Cave Art to Animating the Inanimate, each week will be an exploration of a drawing and cartooning technique with a focus of moving further and further from the “real world” into La-La Land. Everyone will be invited to produce a finished cartoon drawing or comic strip for our Class Funny Pages. Supply list: 9 x 12 spiral bound sketch book, tracing paper, pencils (various leads: HB, 2B, 4B), kneaded eraser, Sharpee markers (fine, extra fine)

Puppet and Mask Making for Kids of ALL AGES…
Instructor: Penny Krebiehl and Little Artshram Teachers

Saturday 2-4pm, Beginning Jan 17th through March 15th (then the Earth Day Parade building begins!)

Ages:6 and up Cost: $80 m/$90 nm

Explore the old art of puppetry and mask making in the new world order. Learn the methods of creating the tiniest finger puppet to the mighty big 3-pole puppet AND the paper mache ways of mask making with cardboard and from a clay base. The supply fee will be included in your class fee, with an invitation to join in on the collection of recycled materials as we make amazing sculptural art out of discards and re-useables.

OUTLOUD! Girls Creative Group
Every Thursday, skipping Holiday weeks and school breaks

Instructor: Penny Krebiehl and Little Artshram Teachers, Thursday 6:00-8:00 pm

Ages: 7 and up Cost: $80 m/$90 nm

We believe that art is a mighty power! And OUTLOUD! Is a way to engage that artistic power through a “coming-of-age” program for girls, sharing girl-centered issues and experiences through journal and book-making and creative writing, puppet and mask making, and learning drawing and painting techniques. Our first 6-week session will focus on Drawing Techniques and Beginning Watercolor. Supply list: 9 x 12 spiral bound sketch book, tracing paper, pencils (various leads: HB, 2B, 4B), kneaded eraser, Sharpee markers (fine, extra fine)

Please bring a “sack-supper” and beverage as well to your first meeting. We’ll make plans for a shared supper the following weeks. PLEASE NOTE: This program will be held at the Little Artshram Studio, 311 1⁄2 Maple St., Traverse City.

And, for more information about the classes, you can contact Penny at: or 231-510-3491. Partial Scholarships are available for all classes. Please inquire.


North Woods Family Concert & Storytelling Series
to benefit Grand Traverse Earth Day Parade 2008

We are Water! Somos Agua!
Storytelling and Sing-along
Hosted by The OUTLOUD! GirlsPerformances by
Andrea Moreno-Beals and Micah Middaugh
Jan 17th, 6-8 PM
at Horizon Shine Cafe
Front St., Traverse City, MI

This is a free concert, thanks to our generous community
and sponsors: TBAISD Early Childhood Services,
Yoga For Health Ed, Artcenter of TC, and, Horizon Bookstore

If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us at:

We will pass a donation bucket if you wish to donate the night of the concert. Please help us spread the word and share this info!

Other dates to save for the North Woods series:
(Always the third Thursday of the month)
February 21 , March 20 and April 17, 2008

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ANNOUNCING! The North Woods Family Concert and Storytelling Series


This is Brianna writing a song, with Marley waiting to hear it…. 

Wintery greetings,

We are so excited to give you the opportunity and special invitation to be a part of our brand, new North Woods Family Concert and Storytelling Series that will debut on December 20th in downtown Traverse City!

This will be a five-part series, that takes place on a monthly basis at the Horizon Shine Cafe. The concert and storytelling themes will be based on Little Artshram’s mission of caretaking the Earth, the people and giving something back to both.

The concert and storytelling series is a community partnership that supports families of all kinds, the arts and innovative cultural events by:

~ Sharing the talent of amazing local musicians, artists and storytellers…
~ Introducing you toThe OUTLOUD! Girls Creative Program, who will host the monthly series….
~ Bringing hundreds of children and their families in the Grand Traverse region together, once a month throughout this long winter season, for an evening of fun!

If you would like to be a Community Sponsor of this 5-part series, please contact us. Sponsorships will cover the cost of the North Woods Family Concert and Storytelling Series, and, also help raise funds for the 2008 Grand Traverse Earth Day Parade and Community Art Studio!

We hope to see you and sing with you soon!

North Woods Family Concert and Storytelling Series
…..presented by Little Artshram and Friends
to benefit Grand Traverse Earth Day Parade 2008




Dec. 20th, 6-8 PM


Solstice Sing-a-long and Winter Stories
Hosted by The OUTLOUD! Girls


Performances by:
the OUTLOUD! Girls,
DeDe Alderman,
and other fine musicians and storytellers!


…at Horizon Shine Cafe, Lower Level


Horizon Bookstore, Front St., Traverse City, MI


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2008 YEAR OF SQUIRREL Calendar….


….our annual winter, holiday fundraiser is hot off the press! Order yours today and feel good about helping a worthy organization keep their fires burning with their winter work of planning and preparing for the Summer Art-Farm and Community Garden programs. Peace, and love, and nuts to you and yours during the Holidays!


Year of Squirrel

~13 Month Calendar~

from February 2008 to February 2009, with a few Squirrel inspired predictions to guide us in the upcoming year, a smidgen of rodent facts, a schedule of Little Artshram’s Earth Day Parade and Art-Farm Programs, and, 13 original, Chinese-brush ink drawings of our dashing and skittish friend, Squirrel! Also, Squirrel Nut New Moon and Full Moon notations.

Illustrated by Penny Krebiehl, the sales will benefit our Art-Farm and Community Garden Programs.

$20.00 donation for each or 6/$100.00

available on-line at, or by calling 231-510-3491,

also sold locally, at our friendly Oryana Natural Foods Cooperative,

in Traverse City, Michigan,

or at the divine and delicious, Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate shop

in Empire, Michigan.


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